Who We Are

We are a Canadian company specializing in far infrared under floor heating technology. Constantly striving to provide our customers and partners with unmatched quality, service, and prices.

We have the only under floor heating solution on the market that offers health benefits and has the ability to be used as your home’s primary heating source.  This means that our under floor system is able to provide enough heat, an impressive 15 watts per square foot, for the whole house without any supplementary products.

Even though we are in such a unique and privileged position, we still believe we must do anything we possibly can to fulfill all of our customer needs and desires.

Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about us and our products.

Healthy Infrared Heating 

Infrared light is part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum and since it can’t be seen, it is experienced as heat. When this happens, it creates a natural resonance, which has many beneficial properties including muscle relaxation and increased circulation.

Revolutionary Technology

The heating film components include simple materials such as copper, silver, carbon, and partially recycled PET. The materials used are very durable and will last for ages.

Instant Heat

The heating film is able to heat an average sized room in as quickly as 10-30 minutes. How fast the top of the finished flooring will heat up is a function of the density of the flooring material as well as the properties of the insulating material installed.

Improved Air Quality

Say goodbye to dust allergies and air pollutants. No more air ducts blowing out recycled air or baseboards collecting dust. Enjoy clean air and breathe freely.  

Increased Energy Efficiency

By heating the whole surface area all at once you minimize energy loss and increase efficiency. Alongside of this our heating technology is able to convert electricity directly to heat without any heat loss. Forced air heating lacks efficacy because the heat decapitates while traveling through the air ducts.

Complete Safety Assurance

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality controls and inspected quarterly by third parties such as TUV, all our products have human safety and comfort as their number one priority. In addition to all of this we ensure that all of our installations are closely inspected by Certified Electricians and Inspectors.

20 Year Product Warranty

Euro Dream Heat offers a 10-year limited warranty for installations performed by a Euro Dream Heat certified installer. We also offer a 20-year limited warranty on our heating product.


Customer Feedback

We wish we knew of this product earlier. It really is something different. When we have friends over they almost always notice the difference and ask about it. We got this system installed in our whole apartment so no more slippers! Read more..
- Tracy Farrel, Homeowner, Vancouver
Prior to this we had the traditional electric baseboard heating and not only was our place hardly ever warm, but it took forever to heat up to a comfortable temperature. Now, our place has a nice, warm, consistent temperature throughout the house. No more cold spots or areas! Read more..
- Erick Kapp, Interior Designer, Vancouver
We never thought that the home heating system could have this effect. No more cold feet and no more dust allergies. We really wanted something more modern and eco-friendly and this product seems to be exactly that. Read more..
- Gabriel Balogh, Business Owner, Coquitlam
This system gives the ability to keep different portions of the house at different temperatures. This has got to be one of my favourite features by far. Mainly because I like my basement (where my training room is located) at a lower temperature then the rest of the house. Read more..
- Steve Juranovics, Multi Flooring Inc. CEO, Vancouver
We have just gotten Euro Dream underfloor heating installed at our home and we love it! Setting different room temperatures around the house is a breeze and going from cold to warm is almost instant. Read more..
- Darren Colin, Homeowner, Vancouver